• Snow at Le Chardon

    It’s even nice in Winter!

    Burgundy is beautiful in winter, too. It’s a great time to go adventuring, cycling and walking through the vineyards and along the Sâone River. You can home to our central heating, wood-burner in the bar and enjoy our hearty winter […]

  • Good online reviews for Le Chardon

    Good online reviews for Le Chardon

    Le Chardon continues to enjoy great reviews on Trip Advisor. Take a look for yourself here.

  • Spring/Summer/Autumn 2011

    Spring/Summer/Autumn 2011

    It seems to have been a very long winter, not as harsh as in the UK, but long. We closed and went back to England to spend Christmas with family and friends for the first time in five years. Cousin […]

  • Who, me?

    Summer 2010

    “You’ve got to come home…..and you’ve got to come home NOW. I’ll explain when you get here.” I was on my way to Tournus to do the daily shop when the phone rang. I turned the car around and headed […]

  • Our back garden

    Spring 2010

    I think the whole of Europe will remember this winter. Didn’t it go on……and on. Still, spring has now well and truly arrived and we had a stunning April, dry and hot with temperatures up to 28 degrees. Everything is […]

  • Aidan, Caron and Fluffy

    Winter 2009/10

    Another year rushes to a close and we wonder sometimes where they go. They say it’s a sign of age, or maybe it’s just keeping busy with no time to squander. Yes, it’s been very busy ‘au Chardon’ and we […]

  • Barbecue

    Spring and Summer 2009

    Having received more than a few e-mails commenting on the lack of an update on the website, I shall first apologise to our avid readers and blame all the people who stop ‘chez-nous’ to eat, drink, or sleep and in […]

  • Mmmmm!

    Winter 2008/2009

    Where has the year gone? It doesn’t seem very long ago that we were basking in Autumn sunshine and the vendange (grape harvest) was in full swing. We are now descending into the depths of winter and have already had […]

  • The new 'Chanel' Tunnel

    Summer 2008

    Reflections on our first year of business. It’s been a very busy summer but we are not complaining. Because of this the bulletins have gone from monthly to bi-monthly and now here I am trying to condense three months into […]

  • Let sleeping dogs lie

    April/May 2008

    The weather did not improve much over that of March generally although we had some nice days. Fortunately the 5th was glorious as we shut for the day. Jo, Nick’s sister is 50 this year and is therefore ‘conscrit’ in […]