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  • Spring/Summer/Autumn 2011

    Spring/Summer/Autumn 2011

    It seems to have been a very long winter, not as harsh as in the UK, but long. We closed and went back to England to spend Christmas with family and friends for the first time in five years. Cousin […]

  • BBQ Sauce

    BBQ Sauce

    The best BBQ sauce in the world!! I know summer is over but this goes with anything, pork, sausages, chicken, you name it, it works!! You will need (for four people): A large knob of butter. A finely chopped onion. […]

  • Who, me?

    Summer 2010

    “You’ve got to come home…..and you’ve got to come home NOW. I’ll explain when you get here.” I was on my way to Tournus to do the daily shop when the phone rang. I turned the car around and headed […]

  • Tarte Tartin

    Tarte Tartin

    A Winter dessert – a very easy Tarte Tatin. Take a flan dish, butter the base and sides with a thick coating and sprinkle a good covering of soft brown sugar on top. Peel, core and cut apples into one […]

  • Soupe Glacee au Petit Pois et Chorizo

    Soupe Glacee au Petit Pois et Chorizo

    Chilled pea and chorizo soup (to you and me) This will serve six comfortably. Take 1lb (500g) of frozen peas, put them in a bowl and pour over 1pint of chicken stock made with BOILING water and leave for five […]

  • Our back garden

    Spring 2010

    I think the whole of Europe will remember this winter. Didn’t it go on……and on. Still, spring has now well and truly arrived and we had a stunning April, dry and hot with temperatures up to 28 degrees. Everything is […]

  • Fricassée de Marcassin

    Fricassée de Marcassin

    It’s the hunt season over here so with so much game available here’s a dish I did for the Cave de Lugny when they celebrated the end of the grape harvest ‘chez nous’. It’s a ‘Fricassée de Marcassin‘ (young Wild […]

  • Aidan, Caron and Fluffy

    Winter 2009/10

    Another year rushes to a close and we wonder sometimes where they go. They say it’s a sign of age, or maybe it’s just keeping busy with no time to squander. Yes, it’s been very busy ‘au Chardon’ and we […]

  • Barbecue

    Spring and Summer 2009

    Having received more than a few e-mails commenting on the lack of an update on the website, I shall first apologise to our avid readers and blame all the people who stop ‘chez-nous’ to eat, drink, or sleep and in […]

  • Lamb shanks braised in red wine

    Lamb Shanks Braised in Red Wine

    Most of the recipes I’ve chosen come from the north of our region but this one is straight from Beaujolais, 15 minutes south of Macon. Originally a leg of lamb braised in red wine I’ve modified it for lamb shanks […]