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  • Mmmmm!

    Winter 2008/2009

    Where has the year gone? It doesn’t seem very long ago that we were basking in Autumn sunshine and the vendange (grape harvest) was in full swing. We are now descending into the depths of winter and have already had […]

  • Fig, Roquefort and Parma Ham Tart

    Fig, Roquefort and Parma Ham Tart

    The latest recipe which goes down very well in the restaurant was a bit of an experiment to begin with but after trying a few variations on the cheese it works very well. Great as a starter or a main […]

  • The new 'Chanel' Tunnel

    Summer 2008

    Reflections on our first year of business. It’s been a very busy summer but we are not complaining. Because of this the bulletins have gone from monthly to bi-monthly and now here I am trying to condense three months into […]

  • Let sleeping dogs lie

    April/May 2008

    The weather did not improve much over that of March generally although we had some nice days. Fortunately the 5th was glorious as we shut for the day. Jo, Nick’s sister is 50 this year and is therefore ‘conscrit’ in […]

  • Typsy Laird

    Typsy Laird

    This month’s recipe by way of a change is a really simple dessert. It’s basically a trifle with a bit of whisky and I first did it for our Burn’s Night’ celebration as one big dish. It proved very popular […]

  • Chablis

    March 2008

    March, spring didn’t spring, we had our first snow and a whole raft of bureaucracy. Still, the month got off to a good start when our nephew Warren, with his girlfriend, Nicola, arrived for a week at the gite at […]

  • Rable de lapin a la Bourguignonne

    Rable de lapin a la Bourguignonne

    So, with the expression ‘mad as a March hare’ this month’s recipe is ‘Rable de lapin a la Bourguignonne’ or ‘Saddle of rabbit Burgundy style’. We’ll use rabbit rather than hare as it is very easy to get hold of, […]

  • A quick nap

    February 2008

    The big event this month was the arrival of two new members of the family. We have two golden retriever pups named Chanel and Chablis. They are three months old with the same father but different mothers. We always said […]

  • Tartiflette


    Tartiflette (6 people) 2 kg potatoes (reds are good but any creamy firm textured one works) Half a reblouchon cheese (Waitrose do it, I know, but the others probably do now) 200 gr lardons or diced bacon 10 cl white […]

  • Les Cassolettes d’Escargots

    Les Cassolettes d’Escargots

    The next recipe…. already eaten here by one resident from Perth, and he requested the recipe to try out on the natives:- “I wanted to thank you Nick for the snails recipe. We had 12 guests for Sue’s 60th Birthday, […]