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  • Burns night

    December 2007/January 2008

    What, no carols? Well, December disappeared in a blur and here we are at the end of January already. We managed to stay fairly busy throughout December hosting a few works do’s and a birthday dinner leading up to the […]

  • Winter's here

    November 2007

    Winter’s Here! Well, we’ve lost the summer daylight saving and are heading into winter. It’s getting dark around 5.30 pm and the weather is becoming more wintery by the day. The leaves are falling from the large plane tree on […]

  • Bike tourers

    August/September/October 2007

    What Can I Say! The delay between bulletins is getting longer and longer as our spare time gets shorter and shorter. Summer is drawing into autumn but there are still a lot of tourists about and we are keeping busy. […]

  • Beef Bourguignon Extraordinaire

    Beef Bourguignon Extraordinaire

    Our ‘cuisine’ is varied and fairly international but recently a neighbour gave me an old family recipe for ‘boeuf bourguignon’ so I had to try it. We put it on as a special one evening and the reaction was incredible. […]

  • Coq Au Vin (Methode Bourguignon)

    Coq Au Vin (Methode Bourguignon)

    First you need a bird! Ideally, if you can buy a cockerel so much the better, but it works well with a capon or an old boiling fowl, if you can still get one. You can cook it with chicken, […]

  • Alix' wedding

    July 2007

    La Bouche en Oreille! Things are continuing to go better than predicted. Although we have not actively advertised, word of mouth (‘la bouche en oreille’ as they say here) is spreading the news and it is getting very busy. The […]

  • Mallory at her hen night

    May/June 2007

    Declaration d’Ouverture! Well, despite all our efforts and being ready to open on the 7th May, the French administration got us again. We had deposited at Le Mairie our ‘declaration d’ouverture’ the mairie forgot to notify the prefecture to organise […]

  • March/April 2007

    March/April 2007

    We’re In! It’s been almost two months since we updated the website so apologies from us and also France Telecom who transferred our line to Le Chardon from Montlaville but for some reason the phone was fine but it took […]