Soupe Glacee au Petit Pois et Chorizo

Chilled pea and chorizo soup (to you and me) This will serve six comfortably.

Take 1lb (500g) of frozen peas, put them in a bowl and pour over 1pint of chicken stock made with BOILING water and leave for five minutes.

In a food processor, put in a chopped shallot, half a red chilli (no seeds), a good handful of curly parsley, salt and pepper, the juice of half a lemon and a few dashes of Worcestershire sauce. Add the peas and chicken stock and blitz until smooth. Pour into a jug or bowl, cover and refrigerate for three hours minimum (it will last 24 hours). In a small bowl bowl, zest the rind of the half lemon and add 2tbs of double cream. Mix together and refrigerate.

Just before serving, take a few slices of chorizo and dice them finely.

To serve, put a ladle of the soup in each bowl (shallow ones are best ‘cos it looks good), add a little swirl of the cream and sprinkle with the diced chorizo.

Enjoy………I know you will!!!!!


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