Tarte Tartin

A Winter dessert – a very easy Tarte Tatin.

Take a flan dish, butter the base and sides with a thick coating and sprinkle a good covering of soft brown sugar on top.

Peel, core and cut apples into one inch thick rings. Put as many rings as you can in one layer into the dish and pop into a hot oven (gas 7 or 220 deg C) for twenty minutes or until the butter and sugar start to caramelise.

If you can buy ready rolled discs of short-crust pastry, all the easier. If not you can make your own rolled out to the same size as the dish. Place it on top of the apples and put it back in the oven until the pastry is nicely cooked. Remove from oven, place a large plate on top and (this is the tricky bit), turn the whole thing over. Serve warm with cream.

Bon appetit.


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