Typsy Laird

This month’s recipe by way of a change is a really simple dessert. It’s basically a trifle with a bit of whisky and I first did it for our Burn’s Night’ celebration as one big dish. It proved very popular so I had to devise a way of doing individual servings and it has evolved into this, something really simple to do, looks good and tastes even better. And whisky and ginger complement each other beautifully. So here goes……..

For four people

  • 4 whisky tumblers
  • One McVities Jamaica Ginger Cake
  • A Raspberry jelly
  • Packet of FROZEN fruits of the forest
  • 1 tsb lightly grilled porage oats
  • Whipped cream (or an aerosol of chantilly cream)
  • Some whisky

Take four slices of the cake and gently push into bottom of glass (in one piece if possible!). Put a small handful of the fruits (still frozen) in each glass so they are about half full.

Dissolve half the jelly (one jelly makes a pint) in 2 tablespoonss water in the microwave and top up to 250 ml (1/2 pint) with cold water. Divide between the glasses and refrigerate.

Just before serving put 1 tsp of whisky in each glass and with a fork gently pierce the jelly to allow the whisky to soak down into the cake. Top with whipped or chantilly cream, a sprinkle of the grilled oats and ‘voila, c’est fait’!!!!


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